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  What is it you see yourself doing in the future? Do you have a business you want to start? Maybe you want to go back to school? If you want to do either of these things  mentioned,  here are some Prolific organizations to connect with in Louisville, KY for the New Year! 

Starting A Business

Louisville Forward/Economic Development 

Scott Love-Economic Development Manager

444 South Fifth Street Louisville, KY 40203

(502) 574-4140

NIA Center-Business Clinic

2900 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40211 

(502) 574-1139 / 574-1140

Here is a link of other resources you can use:


When starting a business or 

organization, Networking is a must!  A Prolific company to network with is called The P. E.E.R Group. This businesses and organizations in this group believes in partnering with each other for events and supporting each other by promoting another member’s services.  Check out their website by going to:

You can also check out their Facebook group:


If you want to go back to school: 


Shouts out to, Candace Johnson! She represents this organization well! She is also the most encouraging and supportive person to go to when you are on the path of getting back to school!!!!

Candice Johnson


Prolific’s Connections must shout out Simmons College of Kentucky!!! They are doing Great Things!!! It is the ONLY HBCU in Louisville, KY and their band is ALL THAT!!! Go to: and connect with Simmons College of Kentucky Today!!!

1018 S. 7th St. Louisville, KY 40203


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